The Other Couple Who Lives at My House

No, not that couple.


They do look quite cute together.

But I’m talking about the other couple.

Harpo and Pumpkin have been together for eight years now, but sadly I don’t have any pics from their kittenhood together. Not because I don’t have a million pictures of them. I do.

They are just so cute.

But we don’t have any pics of them as kittens together because they weren’t kittens together. We got Harpo first. He was just a wee little thing, fitting in the palm of my hand. And he came sweet–a really cuddly cat.

With a very large mouth.

But he was also a hyperactive kitten. We had to save him from certain destruction every few minutes. He didn’t have a natural sense of self-preservation and wanted to splash in the toilet, eat dental floss, stick his head in spaces smaller than himself, and generally cause havoc. We’d come home to find the entire house decorated with toilet paper. One day I drew myself a steaming hot bath and when I went to get in, there was Harpo, wading around sniffing bubbles.

He needed a friend. But we couldn’t go through kittenhood again so soon. Pumpkin was 9 months old when we got him–a pre-adolescent who was almost full-sized and naturally mellow and Buddha-like.

And they’ve been together ever since–keeping each other’s ears clean, sleeping nose to nose, and playing Chase That Cat together.

Love to you all,


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  1. They are such awesome cats. Which one ate the spicy tuna the night the sushi almost burned down your house?

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