The Most Spoiled

I frequently make fun of my dad for having the most spoiled dog on the planet. Guinness refused to play catch because it required moving her lazy little dog bottom all the way out to catch the ball and then all of the way back.

So my dad started throwing treats.

She only needed to get her lazy dog bottom to the treat and not all of the way back again.

But then she started thinking in her tiny dog brain that she got treats all of the time, did she REALLY need to put in the effort to run out and get the treat? Sooner or later she’d get one for just sitting still.

So my dad started dipping her treats in Merlot.

This seems to work.

BUT does she have a blanket nest with a heated heating pad next to a radiator?

Love to you all,


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  1. Hey Bridgie, let’s get this story straight. She likes her treats dipped in Cabernet. She isn’t fond of Merlot. She has better taste than that.

    She’s really not tooo spoiled…. Your cats on the other hand.

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