The Great Jammie Wear Out of 2010

It is official–I have worn out every pair of pajamas I own. This is no mean feat as I have oodles of jimmy jams from all of you nice people who sent them to me last year (thanks!).

But I don’t have a single pair now that does not have holes, thin spots, fading, stretching, or drawstrings that have disappeared. Some have the softy softness that comes from age, but others got harder and scratchier with each wash.

In the past, I could go years with one pair, maybe two, before they got worn out.

Clearly, I wasn’t spending enough time in bed.

All that has changed. If there is an award for excellence in the areas of sleeping and lounging, I think I have a shot at the title this year. I might have some competition if cats are allowed in, but I don’t think that would be fair as that is really their only job. Whereas I also have to get up and write, read, and entertain Barrett (whose pajamas are in fine shape btw, in fact, I might need to wear them some to keep them from feeling neglected).

So I am on the hunt for new pajamas (or pah-jah-mahs as Audrey of Roman Holiday days would call them). Any tips on where to get the ideal pajamas? Must remain soft after many washings, be cute (of course), and last for ages.

They must be made of sturdy stuff to keep up with my demanding sleep schedule.

Happy napping!

Love to you all,


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  1. I’ll check out Garnet Hill–I’ve never looked at their jammies, but they occasionally have great deals on dresses.
    Cats DO have an unfair advantage. Although they do occasionally help me with my napping schedule by napping on top of me and forcing me not to do anything but close my eyes.

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