The Conference May Have Killed Me, But It Was SO Fun!

The SCBWI National Conference was so, so, so, so, so fun, even though it may have killed me. Every muscle in my brain got a workout. Smiling muscles too. Lots of smiling. Once I get my pics together I’ll post some.

Some things I learned from the conference:

Bruce Coville is quite a dancer as it turns out

Arthur Levine sneaks around all low-key in a hooded sweatshirt which can cause innocent girls like me to be just a bit mean to them as they would to anyone else who was so slow in the buffet line (which these innocent girls would never do if they knew who it was because, come on, who can be mean to the man who brought us HP? Even when he really, really deserved it for keeping a poor starving girl from her taco fixings)

Jay Asher makes a good Elvis

-There are a lot of fun people in this industry

-Also, a few crazy ones (this is a very small segment and most may have missed it all together — I might be one of the few who accidentally got in the path of the youth hating contingent)

You know, these are not the sorts of lessons I should probably have come away with. In fact, this all sounds a lot more like gossip. I’m sure I got something more tangible, useful, and literary out of it. I just can’t seem to think what right at the moment. My brain hasn’t recovered from the conference work out yet.

Which is why I have to say Thank God for Stephenie Meyer. I know there has been some controversy over Breaking Dawn and not everyone likes it, but this book was THE most perfect thing for someone suffering from post conference brain melt disorder. I got completely sucked into the book. That’s not to say that I was totally on board with everything in the book (the cynic in me couldn’t help but laugh at the “perfectness” of the first couple of chapters), but it just didn’t matter. It took me away and that was just where I needed to be while my brain regenerated. And it really is a totally new and different book from the first three which I really appreciated too. I almost missed my flight home because of this book. I forgot where I was until they paged me to get on the plane so they could shut the doors. I was completely and totally immersed. What more could an author ask for, really?

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