The Birthday Week

Everyone should celebrate their  birthday for at least a week. Trying to put all of the birthday fun on the one day is just too much pressure on that day, plus, more fun over more days is just always a good idea.

I am very pro-birthday (and pro-celebration, clearly), but not just birthdays for the sheer joy of having a day and a week to indulge in fun. I am also pro-aging. Really, I want to win at the aging game and get really, really, really old. I have dreams of being one of those plumper old lady types who smell like cookies, wear extravagant scarves, and have whole closets filled with a gorgeous shoe collection.

I’ve worked so hard to get these last couple of years under my belt and some of these older chappies, they just seem to have racked up the years with little or no effort. How do they do it???

Some highlights over the past 5/7ths of the birthday week:

–getting my very own tail from Cyndi that is just as nice as Pumpkin’s tail, a dream of mine now realized.

–going for the optimistic haircut with Lori Ann at Halo and going from a ‘do something like this:

To a ‘do like this:

Lori Ann is a miracle worker.

–went to DiPrima Dolce, the north Portland Italian bakery, and got the best ciabatta ever.

–also went to Tienda Santa Cruz, a Mexican bakery/grocery store/restaurant in St. Johns, and got to smell the delicious baked goods and ogle them although we didn’t get any because it was super busy and I’m still avoiding crowds/potential sick people so we had to jet out pretty quick, plus it’s really confusing there. Baked goods are all over the place–on cooling racks, tables, under glass counters, and in a big glass display case. There’s one sign with five baked goods on it and thirty or more different kinds of baked goods in the store. so there is no trying to match the sign with what you see. It’s impossible to figure out what is what, but it was still a fun adventure and we will definitely be back. Maybe tomorrow for my birthday as I’m almost fairly sure that they had pan de muerto and if you are born on the Day of the Dead surely eating pan de muerto is an especially good idea.

–got to see various friends who aren’t sick (which is sadly not that huge of a number–why is everyone sick???)

The next two days are going to be frantic with last minute birthday fun before the next trip down to the cancer center on Wednesday.

Have some cake!

Love to you all,


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  1. You will be such a cute little old lady, and all the more so because you will have worked so hard to get there!

    I hope you have a great birthday and the trip to Phoenix goes well. (Go a little easy on her this time, hey?)


  2. Redheads with spunk and verve make the best old ladies. You, Bridget, will be no exception, even if your hair turns grey. (You can always be a born-again redhead. My gramsy was, many times over.)

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