The Auction is Up!!!

There are SO many completely awesome things in the auction. You must check it out!

I’m once again overwhelmed by how generous and wonderful people are. It makes me want to be a good person someday.

It sounds like there are a few links out there with issues so I’m putting the shortcut link here:

If you do reach a page that says you need a secret code, password or whosimawhatsit, here it is:

ID: bridgetkicks

Password: cancer

Good luck and happy bidding!



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  1. Thanks for putting this info out where all your fans can see it!

    Oh, and um, I think you’re a good person already. A lot of other people think so, too. Let’s take the hundreds of people participating in the auction as evidence of that! 🙂

  2. Hi Bridget! I didn’t know there was another auction or I’d have donated something. I met you at Laini’s and she let me know how you’ve been doing recently with treatment in Arizona. I really hope you are feeling better. Please don’t hesitate to ever email or call if I can help, bring you guys some dinner, cake, whatever. Sending warmest healing wishes your way.

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