super fun weekend, give or take

Me hiking the Portland Hills

Super Fun Things we could not afford to do this weekend due to one member of the household (okay, me) not having an income of any kind:
Flying to our friend Amanda’s wedding = $800 plane fare
Going to the Portland Pirate Festival = $25 entry fee + $ for food and activities once inside
Actually going inside Pittock Mansion = $11
Buying real dental floss = $4

But do not despair for our loss of joy, instead of doing those Super Fun Things, we:
Went on Walk #2 in Portland Hill Walks = FREE.
Walked Outside Pittock Mansion = FREE.
Made a spectacle of myself in Macleay Park when my leg cramped up from too much hill walking = FREE
Read Emma from the library = FREE
Watched Smallville from the library = FREE
Had nighmares about being chased by Lionel Luther after watching too much Smallville = FREE
Bought generic dental floss = $1
The last was the priciest and by far the worst. Using generic dental floss is like flossing your teeth with rope. Fat waxy rope. I think my teeth must be further apart than they were before this purchase, giving me that jack o’ lantern look so popular with the pumpkin crowd.
Hike #2 in Hill Hikes of Portland was super fun. It has lots of secret staircases and brought us right up to Pittock Mansion which has FREE views and a FREE water fountain. It was even worth the extreme leg cramps that came the next day in Macleay Park. We had to stop at a bridge so I could do some leaning while my muscles worked themselves out. There was much, “Ouch, oh, ouch, I didn’t even know I had those muscles!” I tried to pretend I was just leaning for fun when people passed by, “Oh don’t mind me, just looking at these trout here,” but I’m sure they heard the shouting of pain before they got close and noticed that I was standing in an unnatural way.

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