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Birthday week was chock full of fun. We spent Halloween in Port Townsend, WA — every single person in town was in the costume parade, I swear. We were among the very few watchers instead of walkers. It always feels good to fulfill a purpose.

We also went to see I Am My Own Wife at the tiny Paradise Theatre School in Chimicum (the subject of my first iPhone blog attempt). The theatre is in a little old church and this show was done thrust theatre style (not quite in the round because they do use the little pulpit thing at the far end of the church). So amazing! As I said before, it was awesome! One guy plays 35 different roles following the uncovery of the true-life story of a transvestite who survived both Nazis and Communism in Germany all while keeping a fanatical museum of furniture. Tenacious, I think, is the word that comes to mind.

And, yes, I did get an iPhone for my birthday. Somehow, this was a necessity and not a luxury and had something to do with moving and one of our phones breaking etc. etc. and I’m not really sure what, but I’m  not arguing. iPhones are actually a million times cooler than I thought they’d be. It can find me anywhere! Yes, it’s true! I can be completely lost (which happens more often than not) and touch a button and the phone KNOWS where I am! And can get me where I want to go. I love my magic robot phone. It also keeps track of how much I walk which doesn’t do much other than let me know that I am not the lazy bum I thought I was. I walked 7 miles yesterday. Woo hoo!

This is also a good thing, because I ate A LOT of cake. The cake in the previous photo was just the beginning, I’m afraid. I got a second cake — mango coconut which was, in all honesty, to die for.

There was also bread and cheese from the Port Townsend Farmer’s Market and all sorts of delicious birthday things.

I read Impossible by Nancy Werlin this week too. It’s gripping. Almost as much as The Hunger Games which I would also highly highly recommend.

Tried finding a romantic comedy movie to watch, but they all turned out to be less than good. Does anyone have any recommendations? Do they still make good romantic comedies? They used to. Or at least i liked them. But the ones we watched for my birthday week — not so much. Made of Honor – eh, Sex and the City – not as fun as the show, no idea why, and Madagascar 2 — unconventional choice, but I had hopes! Run, Fatboy, Run was fun but not so much romantic as comedic. There was also a lot of sweat, I wouldn’t recommend it unless your tolerance for drippage is pretty high.


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  1. Happy Birthday! Mango coconut cake is now on my wish-list.

    My husband has an iPhone and is pretty pleased with it. I’ve got to sing the praises of GPS… people for years convinced me that I didn’t need GPS, and I finally got a small unit that works in the car or on foot. I. Am. So. Grateful. I am more likely to venture further afield for gigs and other trips off my beaten paths.

    When the weather is nicer, it would surely be lovely if you and your boyfriend felt like visiting Seattle. We have guest space. To be sure, it’s in a basement, but it’s not bad as basements go.

  2. Hi Bridget! Happy belated birthday! And happy iPhone! If I had been in Portland, I would have snuck into that soap shop for you and gotten you a bath bomb so you wouldn’t have to deal with that pushy salesperson.
    xo Amanda

  3. Hello Alkelda! Thanks for the b-day wishes. Mango coconut cake is SO good. And before last week I didn’t even know it existed! Yes, the GPS on the iPhone is great. I’d never thought to just get a GPS device, but now that there’s one in my phone I realize how much I needed one. We’d love to come up and visit!

    Amanda, you are the best! I would so love to have you around. You guys should move to Portland! We can have fun times, you can help fend off the mean salespeople, we could can tomatoes — it would be so great!!!

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