So Much Good News, I Think I Might Pop!

cupcakesFirst off, the cake auction last week was a HUGE success. Huzzah Lake Nebagamon et al.! You all are fabulous! I heard it was not only successful, but fun which is awesome because causing fun is tip top on my list of Things To Do In Life even if I’m not there to participate. My fab neighbors-for-life (who I no longer live near, so they have reverted to an honorary title like those professors who just can’t seem to stop working even though they’ve retired) taped the event and we’ve watched a ton of the little snippets. Lots of funny stuff — I think I even saw Barrett’s dad carrying around a little Who from Whoville. Plus, there was footage of all of the cakes with commentary by one of my fave pre-schoolers Ella. The cakes, pies and misc. were stunning. We also got to see some of the auction and Kelly and Rosie were just so good at talking about the goods and occasionally bullying people into buying. Great job, Kelly and Rosie! You girls are fab. If Barrett gets time, he’s going to try and put together a short greatest hits in the nearish future.

In other news, I got my latest CT scan results with the MOST SHRINKAGE YET. Ha, take that you tumors! So much shrinkage that they felt comfortable taking me off the worst of the worst chemo drugs I was on Oxaliplatin — the one that didn’t let me eat cold things. Yes, ice cream has been eaten! (Just discovered Cool Moon Ice Cream over on the NW side — so good!) I’m still on a few more chemo drugs etc. to finish the job (note to drugs: plan is to shrink to NOTHING, tumors no longer welcome here as I have other things to do).

My brain did not go quite as jelly like as usual on this new chemo regime and I WAS ABLE TO FINISH MY REVISIONS!!! Woo hoo! It took me at least five times as long as normal to do my revisions what with getting dumb every other week and having to play catch up when some smarts came back. But now, who knows? Maybe I will retain some smarts. Yes!

So my novel is off in the world. And my computer didn’t even die before I finished. It was a near thing and shut down a couple of times mid-sentence which, of course, wasn’t saved so I had to go back and remember the last thing I wrote. Oy! But it survived and I can just hope that there is a new laptop some place in my future that will be able to keep up with me.

Good news that isn’t mine, but that I’m thrilled to share — my friend Emily Kokie just signed with someone from the same literary agency that I’m at Upstart Crow Literary. I’m so excited for her! I don’t know her agent, but if he works with Michael he’s got to be a Great Guy.

More good news — our friends Laini and Jim just got their book Lips Touch nominated for the National Book Award. For my non-bookish friends, this is a really, really big deal. Soooo thrilled about this. I think you should go out and buy a copy ASAP so you can see why it’s getting such exciting attention.

Whew. It’s been quite a week. I’m heading up to my dad’s house in Port Townsend to recuperate and watch the ships in Puget Sound go by.

I hope you all are having fab, fab weeks too!

Love to you all,


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  1. yay, YAY!!!!, yay, and yay. Many yays for you my friend. Keep that shrinkage up, and enjoy being able to stand in front of the open refrigerator again!

  2. excellent news all around! we are so happy…keep eating pumpkin, ice cream and cake and doing whatever gets those nasty tumors gone!

  3. YEAH!!!!! So happy for the shrinkage. Yes I agree: Bridgett has tons of work to share with the world, not to mention all her latest expirences to share with people in the years ahead.

  4. Wow, Bridget. So glad I ran across your blog. Your amazing outlook is truly an inspiration, and your writing is just plain entertaining. Plus, that picture of cupcakes is releasing happy endorphins in my brain just looking at it. Sending you positive waves…

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