Rick Riordan

Eek! The whole week has gone by blog-free. I had all sorts of great Teen Read Week celebration ideas and things to blog about. And then the week disappeared. I’ve been feeling healthier than I’ve ever felt in my life since I moved — lots of exercise, plenty of time to cook healthy meals, fresh local produce, and, I hate to say it, but a lack of interaction with those library kids we all know and love kept me safely away from any nasty summer bugs. They’re lovely but they don’t hesitate to sneeze on you. But this week, something started to creep up on me. Must be the change in the weather. Lots of vitamins and herbs seems to have beaten it off, but it put a crimp in my blogging.

So five days late, I’d like to say that the Rick Riordan event was super fab! It was so well put together and organized and the kids were thrilled to be there. They are in LOVE with Percy and the gang. It was so great to soak in all of the enthusiasm. The crowd was also thrilled to see their beloved Sara Ryan, author and teen librarian, who came out to welcome everyone and got mad applause just for walking on the stage. The whole thing took place in this very cool gothic cathedral — the perfect backdrop to a talk about monsters and gods. Rick Riordan knows his age group and he kept them entertained the whole time. He told his story about how he came to write the Lightning Thief interspersed with plenty of audience feedback and interaction. Thanks to Emily for letting Barrett and I squish in with her at her pew with the view!


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