Really More of Request Than a Demand, Except Not Really

pennyAs many of you know, I grew up in a largely Scandinavian area of northern WI. Because of this, there was a distinct shortage of redheads. Red hair is a recessive gene after all, and there are few natural redheads in the world, really, much less in northern WI where things tend to run on the blond side (also a recessive gene but it comes through when you get it from both sides).

Whether it was due to the statistical anomaly, because my head looked like a lucky penny or because of some obscure tradition not known to me, when I was a little girl people used to rub my head for luck. Wherever I went, rub, rub, rub — huzzah a win at poker! or what-have-you.

I was happy to lend the luck out and/or too young and naive to realize I would need it later, but now Things Have Changed.

I want my luck back.

I hope all of you head rubbers have had a grand time, won the lotto, and all of that, but it’s been twenty plus years and I think you’ve had your turn.

When I go in for my CT scan today, you can just send the luck back.

Thank you.

Love and Kisses,

Bridget, of the Red, Lucky, and Well-Rubbed Head

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  1. Hi Bridget,
    All those times I insisted on sitting behind you in library school, it was so I could secretly rub your head.
    Good luck! I hope it went well!

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