Quick Catch Up and All Sorts of GOOD THINGS

I’m having a great day. A super awesome, frabjous day! I have not slain any jabberwockies sadly, but I am feeling really good and that only comes around so often lately.

huzzahI got the super cute haircut of my dreams. Triple Huzzah! I called at the last minute this morning and had never even been to the salon before. I didn’t think such a thing could happen, but Halo Salon = Best Place Ever. Laurie Ann was totally on the same page and got the Needing A Super Cute Haircut Emergency and stepped in to save the day. The beginning, I hope, of a long and lovely relationship, as I do plan to live for a very long time despite any rumors you may have heard to the contrary. I have not given up my plan of becoming very very very old and one day walking out into the woods and gently morphing into a tree or a nice plant next to a stream or something where bears and little girls meditate as sort of a break between human incarnations.

I digress. Laurie Ann was perfect and even when I went from going a million miles an hour, which happens when I’m having a good day, to pretty much zero and had to take a little nap in her chair, she just kept going and played around and made me feel pampered and lovely. Then, at the end, when I was all gushy and happy and wanting to know what she used and she wasn’t pushy about selling things but said sure she would make a list and that they did have small sizes I could try if I wanted, Gloria (who is my new mother-in-law, but I think that’s just a weird and unfortunate name and I haven’t come up with anything better yet. Other Mother kind of cracks me up but all of you Coraline fans will be picturing black button eyes) other_motherstepped in and said, “We’ll take the lot, it’s on me,” or something to that effect, possibly less British, but still very exciting. Since Harry Potter “took the lot” on his first ride to Hogwarts, I’ve always wanted to do that. *sigh* Such a great day.

And the appointment ended with Laurie Ann setting up an appointment to do my hair for free before the Big Event on Friday. šŸ˜€

The Big Event is, of course, the Silent Auction at the Lucky Lab at 6:30-9 pm this Friday, May 29th. I hope hope hope to see lots and lots of you there. If you can’t make it, I think there is still time to bid on fabulous items in the online auction. We can’t thank all of you enough for your generous donations and for bidding and just being overly wonderful. We really couldn’t get through this without you all.

My darling friend Georgia Beaverson is still working hard to get donations for Bridget’s Cancer Fund and the lovely Cailin O’Connor along with her husband Nicolai are putting together some kind of super team in Wisconsin to follow up after all of the Oregon auction-ing ends. They also started a group on facebook called I want to help Barrett & Bridget.

And totally out of left field, without our knowing anything about it at all, SCBWI-Western Washington held a raffle for us at their conference last week and raised some money for us. I meant to blog earlier, but the whole hospital stay followed by a drug-induced daze was not good for the blogging. Thank you SCBWI-Western Washington! I will get up there for a conference one of these days. Very shnazzy having it hand delivered to my hospital room with such a sweet note and treats by one of my favorite people in the world — my super agent Michael Stearns who ALSO added cupcakes to the mix.

Plus, an editor friend of mine just sent me the must delicious looking box of books I have ever seen in my entire life. All girly, all the time. I just want to spread them out and look at them for a while.

Plus Plus, my friend Emily Whitman, who has a great new book out (plus a gorgeous website designed by none other than my own tech genius/now husband Barrett) hooked me up with her Chinese doctor and I have an appointment next week. AND she made me scrumptious home-made orange flower water pudding.

Plus Plus Plus, I just got an e-mail from a neighborhood writer who is helping me get connected with a neighborhood healing center to tell me that she just picked me up some CD’s and goodies from them.

Seriously, don’t we know the nicest people ever?

I may have only had five good days out of thirty this past month, but when they’re good they’re really really good. I would settle for just not having pain or throwing up, but when they’re even BETTER than that….

I hope everyone else is having a lovely day and has had a chance to check out Steve’s fab article which I haven’t thanked him for doing such a great job with yet.

So many people to thank, so few good days. If I haven’t gotten to you yet on the thank you list, I swear, I will.

Love you all,


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  1. I cannot wait to see the new do! Looking forward to Friday. I don’t know what to expect. I am hoping for crazy! Cailin has contacted me about tips for the auction. Hope to catch up with her next week. You are loved!

  2. NOthing better than feeling pretty and pampered – now go get your toes done! šŸ™‚ So glad you feel better and don’t worry – I have not even thought you would not be a tree someday! šŸ˜‰

  3. We will miss you April! Thanks everyone for the nice comments. I should have posted a pic of the do that day but I was too busy walking around being glamorous and then I slept on it and, while it is still a super cute cut, it got a bit smooshed and I haven’t done much about that yet. But my new favorite hair dresser in the world Laurie Ann has promised cuteness for tonight so I will definitely post pics later.

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