The Wednesday Wars

The Wednesday WarsSo so good. The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt, the Lizzie Bright/Newbery Honor winning guy, is absolutely fabbity fab and has all sorts of satisfying bits that gave me that wow life is a great thing feeling despite the fact that the main character has so many things going against him. It’s set in Long Island in the late 1960’s and Holling, going into the seventh grade, is sure that his teacher Mrs. Baker hates him and is out to torture him on their Wednesday afternoons together. She does, but nothing works out quite the way you expect when you read it.
There was laughing, there was crying, there were cream puffs. I’d never had one before but the description was so enticing I had to give one a try. Who knew that cream puffs were SO good?

There’s Something About Chocolate Film Update

David, the Sound Guy, had some technical who-si-whatsits over the weekend that kept him from finishing the sound for the film. While I’m not quite sure what he’s talking about, I do have high hopes for the film getting finished today! It is only a small thing really to sacrifice one’s birthday for the greater good of film-making and I’m sure David will look back fondly and think, if only I worked my behind off to finish a film on my birthday every year. Here’s to David, sound guy, future Scooter Baron, and Sundance 608 film addict — Happy Birthday!

David Dale

There’s Something About Chocolate

Our latest film is going to be available online any day now. The footage has been shot (using a still digital camera due to some technical difficulties with our digital video camera, but it came out way better than we expected so it’s all good) and edited. Sound is being created as we speak (I hope!). As soon as we can get it all together and into a file, you can find it here. The title says it all… There’s Something About Chocolate. Appearances by actors from The World’s Fastest Librarian include the infamous shushing librarian, the impressed patron, and, of course, the world’s fastest librarian (me).