Out On the Back Porch

BlackberriesAndFlowersTrying to convince my cat Harpo that it is way more fun out here with me than inside where Barrett’s working. But he just keeps sitting in front of the door meowing at it angrily.

Well, I’m having fun at any rate. There are blackberries and flowers growing just on the other side of the screen (as you can sort of see from the blurry and over-exposed photo to the right), and I’ve got a good book (I’m on a Nora Roberts Irish stories kick) and some ginger candy. Very nice.

Thanks to everyone who sent me luck! I’m feeling luckier by the minute.

And thanks to Bunky’s in Madison, WI and all the planners of “Food & Film: A benefit for Bridget and Barrett” this Wednesday. I think they are still looking for volunteers. Here’s the info on the facebook page:

Bridget Zinn and Barrett Dowell are former Madisonians who moved to Portland, OR, last summer. This spring Bridget was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and had surgery to remove a tumor from her colon, and is currently undergoing extensive — and expensive — treatment to shrink tumors on her liver and lungs. Also this spring, Bridget & Barrett were married, and Bridget signed with a literary agent for her young adult novel. What a year!!

Bridget and Barrett’s Madison friends are raising money to help pay for Bridget’s cancer treatment. Fighting cancer is hard enough work — they shouldn’t have to worry about the bills, too. Please join us for an evening of delicious food and screening of some of Bridget & Barrett’s short films at Bunky’s Café on Madison’s east side. All proceeds will go to Bridget & Barrett to cover hospital expenses, prescription co-pays, complementary medicine services, and whatever else they need to beat cancer!

Bunky’s is generously donating food and non-alcoholic beverages. (Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.) Films will be screened throughout the evening, so come when you can and stay as long as you like.

Learn more about Bridget’s story by checking out her blog at http://www.bridgetzinn.com/blog or reading this article from the Portland Oregonian: http://tinyurl.com/ocoda5.

Questions about this event or how else you can help? Join the Facebook Group, “I want to help Bridget & Barrett!” or email cailin o’connor.

You can find Cailin’s contact info on the “I want to help Bridget & Barrett” facebook page or the “Food and Film: A benefit for Bridget & Barrett” facebook page.

Love to you all,


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