Met my dad halfway between Portland and Port Townsend in Olympia, WA today for a father’s day lunch. Their farmer’s market is lovely — we got gorgeous cherries, which is totally mind blowing coming from Wisconsin where there is just a tiny late summer window for Door County cherries, and gigantic apples that wafted deliciousness before you could even see the stand they were at.

It was definitely nice to take a break from apartment setting up and furniture building to soak up some good food and sunshine.

Tonight we went for sushi at our neighborhood place and this other couple came in who the waitresses all knew and gushed over and played Sake Bomb with. Made me so nostalgic for the olden days (earlier this week) when I lived somewhere where people actually knew me and waitresses would come chat with me. Last week on my way to the CCBC brochure photo shoot I saw like five people on State St. that I knew within the ten minutes it takes to walk down it and when I got to the photo shoot I knew almost everyone there. I used to know people! But no longer. Now I’m a stranger. <sigh>

But I’ve got three pounds of cherries in my fridge and the freshest, best-smelling apples in the world on my table and roses outside my window. Plus, there are all of the mountains we saw today, and Puget Sound, and the gorgeous green hill behind our house, and the knowledge that the ocean is just a little drive away. Someday maybe someone here will want to play Sake Bomb with us. 🙂


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