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In some contexts comments such as, “but, wait, there’s more,” and “good lord, those are huge,” are a good thing. Like say for jewels. Or gold nuggets.

Or cookies.

Not so much for cancer. We got a good close up look at my ct scans today and yikes, not sure I wanted to know what was really going on in there. But I’m at a great place, CTCA in Phoenix, and we have all sorts of options. So we’re giving a couple of them a go and putting some others aside for a Next Plan, though, of course, we’re hoping that next time we look at the ct scan results the comments are more along the lines of, “gosh, where’d they all go?” and “damn, you’re one healthy person.”

I started a new chemo regime today which is 4 hours every day from now through Sunday–it’s supposed to be more aggressive and yet have less side effects which sounds awfully good to me. Tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. I’m doing the other part of my new regime which is some sort of direct-to-tumor chemo where they go in through the artery in your leg. Yikes! Then I have to lay still on my back for about 9-10 hours after and then spend the night in the hospital for observation. I will try not to go completely bonkers.

We’ll see how that goes.

As all of you are so fabulous, and some of you even psychic, Cailin, Kristin, and the Madison gang already have a fundraiser lined up to help us with the cost of all of these schmancy life-saving treatments. If you are able, they’d love to have you participate. Cailin is also writing up instructions for this fundraiser should anyone else be interested in putting one of these on at a different geographical location.

So awesome. We are truly blessed with great, great, great friends.

Here’s what Cailin has to say about The Great Clothes Swap: A Benefit for Bridget & Barrett:

Refresh your wardrobe for a good cause! Bring your gently used women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories to the Vintage Brewing Co. for a clothes swap. One person’s “so last season” is another person’s great new find!

Drop off your items between 11:30 and 12:00, then enjoy lunch and drinks from the Vintage before the Great Clothes Swap begins at 1:00. $10 entrance fee ($15 if you do not bring at least 5 items to swap) gets you a grocery bag to fill with new stuff! At just $5 for each additional bag, it’s a great deal, and your money will go to Bridget Zinn & Barrett Dowell to support them in their fight against Bridget’s colon cancer. (See for Bridget’s story.)

Items that are not taken in the swap will be donated to St Vinnie’s. Women’s formalwear will be donated to the Junior League for their “All Dressed Up” event, providing prom dresses to girls in need.

Please, feel free to invite your friends and spread the word. The more people who come, the more great finds for the rest of us – and the more money we’ll raise for Bridget & Barrett!

Sunday, October 17 · 11:00am – 3:00pm
Vintage Brewing Co.
674 S. Whitney Way
Madison, WI

Good vibes are always welcome too. Hope some of you can make it!

And, thanks again (and again, and again!), to our fab movers April, Amy, Matt, and parents as well as to our Fundraiser Team Extraordinaire.

You all rock.

Love to you all,


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  1. Hey Bridget,
    Wishing you lots of good things and sending thoughts of healing. Hang in there and maybe, if you can, spend your down time dreaming and writing/drawing in your mind.

  2. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for super-ninja chemo action on that nasty cancer. Ha! Take that!

  3. Oh Bridget, I’m so sorry to hear that those comments were not about cookies. Or anything else good. But it sounds like you’re in the right place to give that cancer the business.

    Here are some things I suggest you think about while lying on your back letting the cancer killers do their work:
    – What your cats are doing at that very moment
    – What you’re going to hang on the walls of each room in your cute new house
    – The fabulous trips and vacations you will take when you’ve kicked cancer once and for all
    – All the people who are thinking of you and sending you positive energy. (Try to count us… that could take a few hours!!)

    All the best to you and Barrett!

    Fellow friends – The Great Clothes Swap is on track for next Sunday. It’s a very east fundraiser to organize, so if you can’t come to the one in Madison and you want to organize your own, let me know. I can send you info on what we’re doing (maybe even some lessons learned afterwards). cailin DOT oconnor AT gmail DOT com

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