Mysterious Happenings

I’ve just received a mysterious card in the mail signed F.G. which can only mean one thing — I have a Fairy Godmother. I sort of thought that maybe my writer friend/neighbor Sharee who I’ve never met and who leaves me gifts on our porch like the gorgeous bags of garden tomatoes this week was an FG of sorts, but it turns out I have another. Two seems like an embarrassment of riches, but I’m not complaining. I need all of the help I can get.

robotI’m very fond of the card which is a sparkly robot and which promises gifts in the mail. *sigh* What could be better? And more intriguing still, I’m pretty sure I saw a robot statue much like this card this week (except maybe it was a robot-like angel as it was in a cemetery and we were driving by quite quickly) which was probably some sort of sign.

As far as FG gifts go, the top of my list would be some brain power back on a more consistent basis. It isn’t like it’s that bad — I only forget actual events like what we had for dinner the day before the first few days of treatment, but it is still very annoying not to be able to instantly answer a simple reference question from Barrett like who’s the author of that ya book where the second one has twins on the cover* which normally would take me seconds but took a good ten minutes. Sometimes my answer takes an hour! Oy. My librarianiness is taking a beating. My spices aren’t even organized by geographic area in which they are predominantly used any more. They’re just in a big drawer. Clear sign of slippage.

On the bright side, it is fun when my brain kicks back in again on the second week of the cycle. I feel like a freaking genius. Maybe next time this happens I’ll be able to figure out who my mysterious FG is and/or what FG actually stands for. I am taking supplements now to make me smarter and I’m wearing the lovely healing hematite St. Bridget’s bling (she’s in charge of poets as well as healing so she must have some brain enhancing abilities) my east coast Zinn cousins sent, so that could help my brain power too if my FG has other ideas for mysterious gifts in the mail.

Thanks to everyone else who’s made my mail fun this week!

Love to you all,


*Star Librarian points if you can answer this reference question!

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