Librarian Spotting

We spent the last week playing Librarian Spotting in Portland with the city flooded with librarians for PLA — usually conference materials or totes full of books were clear signs whereas a lost look alone was not. Apparently, there were oodles of people visiting Portland last week, not just librarians, and being on the lookout for librarians seemed to make us appear more approachable than usual.

We got asked for a lot of directions.

So fun to see librarian friends from across the country — Adrienne of What Adrienne Thinks About That took me out to lunch (thanks Adrienne!), I got to briefly see a bunch of fellow UW-SLIS graduates (before I keeled over from exhaustion), and was able to spend the weekend with Janet, my fellow Tarts’ Wardrobe blogger.

Sadly, they were all in town on chemo week. So I did not have my usual healthy vigor (not that I looked quite ill enough for people to give me candy, except, come to think of it, Aunt Jane did send me some — thanks Aunt Jane!). There were a lot of naps involved.

But we got to take Janet on a bit of the Beverly Cleary tour, eat Lebanese food, and get treats from Two Tarts Bakery (she talks more about her Portland adventures here here here and here).

And I got to show off both my day hair and my evening hair.

I am liking my evening hair more and more. It isn’t in any way like my real hair, but there’s something sort of fun and spunky about it.

My day hair is okay, but I think it might be too poufy on top. Now that I am becoming an expert on wigs, my vocabulary has expanded to include things like “perma-tease” which I’ve discovered I am not such a fan of.

The hunt for a good wig continues and I’m waiting to get some hair in the mail to try on any day now.

Plus, I just got a check in the mail for a wig fund from our friend Sarah Bradley who combined efforts and an art exchange with our other friend Matt Smith to come up with a contribution towards a fun wig. Thanks Sarah and Matt! Will post pics as new wigs appear.

Love to you all,

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  1. I don’t think your day hair looks too poufy. I think it looks great and very natural. You have such a good attitude about getting new hair! I have discovered a few gray hairs recently and it basically has me in tears.

  2. It was so good to see you! And I have got to find a way to get to the Pacific Northwest again before too very long. PLA kept me from seeing and doing as much as I liked, although the conference was very good, as ever.

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