Last Night, So Fun

The in person auction was perfect. Thanks to everyone who made it so!

suzanne young's blogI’m having another good day and we’re taking advantage and going to have a picnic on the beach so I don’t have time to post more or to arm wrestle a camera away from someone to get some pics. BUT what I do have for you is a link to the fabulous Suzanne Young’s blog where she posted tons of pics.

Laurie Ann from Halo did such a good job on my hair, I honestly don’t know if it’s ever looked better (and my olden time friends know how I felt about Kenneth, but Laurie Ann, I think, has got him beat!). There was some last minute scrambling when I realized that with such delicious starlet hair I had to wear something that lived up to it and, if you’ve been following this blog, you know I got rid of almost everything I owned last year when we moved to Portland. I went from having more dresses than there are days in the month to only a couple. And somehow one of them was just perfect.

Until I saw a pic of Barrett, Matt Holm and his wife Cyndi and saw this naked girl in the background THAT WAS ME. Didn’t realize there was no back to my dress. At least the bottom half was covered.

Must go, beach and veggie burgers (with brie and mushrooms, my favorite) await!

Love to you all and good luck to all of you online bidders today!


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  1. YAY for the beach! And I agree–your hair looked AMAZING!!! And LOL at the naked girl at the party. Who was she??? hahaha

    Have fun!

  2. You looked great – oh my! LOVE the hair! Gorgeous! Its so freakin’ cute on you! Glad to hear it was fun, have a great picnic!
    Love, Courtney

  3. Hi Bridget,

    I was at the auction, but a little shy to introduce myself, as you were always surrounded by your adoring fans! Anyway, I had read your earlier blog post about looking for the perfect haircut and I have to agree that your hair looked REALLY cute that night! I’m glad for the tip about Halo- as a new transplant to Portland, I am looking for a replacement for my beloved Louisa back east… (do you have naturally curly hair, just wondering? It’s especially hard to find a hairdresser who knows how to treat the curly girl). Anyway, I promise to be less shy and will introduce myself at the next Portland KitLit function!

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