I’m Turning Into a Tech Junkie

This may come as a surprise given that I had big plans to live a Thoreau-like lifestyle and gave away 90% of my earthly possessions recently to move to Portland. Then again, maybe not, as I recently went on and on about Skype in this VERY blog.

I’m here to tell you that it’s true — I AM a tech junkie. Not only am I totally in love with Skype, NOW I’m totally in love with Scrivener. You need Scrivener. It will make your life better in every possible way and may even make you a better dancer. It is this super super mega cool word processing program that does all of the things you normally have to organize on your own when you’re writing FOR you.

Normally when I’m writing I have to have at least five documents open. I need the draft I’m working, a save document for things I’m not sure if I’m ready to get rid of but that need a temporary time out, a timeline, a style sheet, and a running outline/to do list. That doesn’t even count having to have research docs and a web browser open to my bookmarks page and having to use the not so great mapping tool in Word so that I can jump chapters quickly. NOW it’s all in one handy super cool thing. Not only that, it also lets you move things around with drag and drop so you don’t have to scroll, scroll, scroll to move things around. There are tons of other cool features like a virtual corkboard with color codable index cards that let’s you play around with the plot. I am in love.

And I never would have found this if I wasn’t a blog junkie as well as a tech junkie. Thanks Justine for putting this up on your blog!

And thanks Barrett for buying it for me!

It is even cooler than Time Machine and Time Machine was the coolest thing I’d seen in years.

Next thing you know I’ll need an iPhone.

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