I Miss My Cats, I Miss My Cats


In the past 48 hours, not a single person has curled up on my lap and purred.

No one has come running to head butt me when I get up in the morning.

And absolutely no one has meowed in my face with stinky cat food breath.


Phoenix is going fine, although I’ve had to explain how I ended up with so many bizarre moving injuries. One doc even suggested that perhaps I could consider looking before shoving my hand in a box full of unknown items. How was I to know that sneaky food processor blade was lurking in there?

The hotel is lovely–especially the polka dot shower curtain. The cancer center is doing their bang up job of getting me through their complex mind/body system and telling me about new treatment options.


I miss my kitties.

They LOVE the new house. We were trying to keep them upstairs during the move for their own safety and one morning they busted the vent at the bottom of the stairs and came pouring out.

Once they got the run of the first floor, they then proceeded to:

–sniff every single thing on that floor.

–lounge nonchalantly on various stairs.

–unroll all of the toilet paper.

–taunt cats outside the window.

–taunt cats outside the door.

–play Chase That Cat with each other at top speed.

–meow at the basement door.

–pose luxuriously on the top shelves of the kitchen.

And that was just in the first hour.

Maybe we can skype with them tomorrow (with human help, of course, they are geniuses, but cannot yet type).

Love to you all,


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  1. I LOVE to move and haven’t had the opportunity since moving into my little house in SE Portland 18 yrs ago. Prior to that I’d moved 25 times in 20 yrs. So fun to find new spots for all your favorite things. Maybe that’s what the kitties are thinking, kitty-think: look at all these great spots!

  2. I wouldn’t give up on Harpo and Pumpkin learning Skype. How many cats do you know that can turn on faucets, tread water, and dog paddle!? They really are the Cat’s Meow! Happy to hear all is well in Phoenix.

  3. Sending good energy from Madison, Bridget! If anything will get you through, it is your spunk! You need to bottle your attitude and sell it!

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