Hulking Out

First, I have to say, I feel freaking great right now. I have no idea why this is, if it’s  a belated effect from the Hulk Shot they gave me or what, but after a week of being so damn tired, I feel great. This Hulk Shot was supposed to make me mighty and invulnerable by boosting my white blood cells etc., but in reality made me so so so so sleepy, also kind of achy as the cells all seemed to grow and congregate in one particular area, namely my butt bones, which possibly defies actual medical possibility as I’m sure they are supposed to spread out to do their reproducing thing, but I know when my behind hurts and, believe me, it hurt.

Hulk Cells

The sleepy was so intense that now, even though I am only doing things like walking 18 blocks (!) instead of, say, climbing a mountain like I’d like, it is such an improvement that I cannot stop smiling.

I actually spent time last week in bed having conversations with myself about just how much effort would go into say removing my chipped nail polish — “okay, if I can just sit up, then I can move my legs to the side of the bed and stand, and then I can go into the bathroom and whew, OPEN the cupboard, and then get the nail polish remover and something to soak it in like a cotton ball or something, but I have no idea where that would be, so I’d have to look for them which would require a lot of bending etc. and then once I found all of that I’d have to take the cap of the nail polish remover, soak the cotton balll, wipe off EVERY SINGLE NAIL, then throw out the cotton, possibly even multiple cotton balls, and PUT THE CAP BACK ON THE REMOVER and honestly at this point, I might as well be building the empire state building with a broken hammer and some glue, i.e.  impossible, *sigh* maybe I’ll just lie here a little longer…. but this nail polish is really driving me crazy, what all would I have to do again?” and over and over and over and then maybe on to a new impossible task until Barrett helped me get up and do whatever it was I felt I had to do.

But that was last week. So far this week, I’m much better AND my nails have been tended to.

I have pics of pre-Hulk Shot adventures and the fabulous Lucky Lab auction that I will post as soon as I get them all together. And lots and lots of thanks to give out to all of the wonderful, wonderful people who helped and participated and entertained me in the live auction and the online auction and the plant sale in Madison and the rummage sale in Madison next weekend. You all are the best!

Off to enjoy energy while it lasts~


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  1. Oh, I wish I lived closer — I’d do your nails for you! Or henna your hands if you liked. Best I can do is hope you stay energized!


  2. Oh, I’m so happy to ready your funny, hopeful comments! It’s been a few days since you wrote this and I am picturing you gliding along the sidewalk with sparkly nails.

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