Happy Teen Read Week!

Silver FallsSpent the weekend viewing many overly large things like Silver Falls and the Oregon capitol building. One was too scary for life (you’re up so high at the top of the waterfall!) though gorgeous and the other was locked against us. Who knew that the government wouldn’t have an open door policy here? It’s closed ALL weekend. Which means working stiffs like us — yes, that’s plural, I just got a job offer on Friday :), are really not welcome to come enjoy the large marbly magnificence. Except from the outside. It’s really not the same. Plus, there was a visual protest/art thing going on which is nice, but until I knew what it was was just really really creepy. They put shoes all over the lawn for a whole block with names on them. Based on the sign I found I think it was a war protest, but at first I thought it was some kind of social experiment to see if people would steal the shoes or something to do with zombies.

The Possibilities of Sainthood by Donna FreitasWe survived and accidentally didn’t go to St. Angel’s Abbey on the hill like we’d planned so that I could tie that nicely into my book rec of the day which is The Possibilities of Sainthood by Donna Freitas. It’s still Sunday though and a sainty kind of day so I’m going with it. This is a super fun book. There is an adorable Irish guy — the bad boy who the main character tries to convince herself she doesn’t want, a first kiss, and lots of pasta. Heaven. The main character is part of an Italian community and has decided that her fate is to become the first ever living saint. Give it a try!

Lots of celebrations going on for YALSA’s Teen Read Week! I’m going to see Rick Riordan TOMORROW!! V. exciting. Check out Readergirlz this week — they’re doing live chats called Night Bites.

Happy Teen Read Week!


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  1. Congratulations on your new job! I recently read The Possibilities of Sainthood, and enjoyed it very much. While I’m not as knowledgable as the main character, I certainly enjoy researching different saints (especially the ones with the interesting lives and quirky patronages).

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