Writers and aspiring writers, if you need a fresh look or even a first look at your work, consider the critique services offered on the auction. I know it’s difficult. So many fabulous writers, how to choose???

Don’t overlook less published writers. I don’t know all of their work, but the ones that I am familiar with are really fantastic writers and critiquers. When you’re looking at query critiques especially, less published writers are often going to be closer to their query-writing days than writers who’ve had agents for years doing most of the heavy-lifting.

Like the lovely Emily Kokie. We were in a writers group together in Madison and she is a great no-nonsense critiquer. She also did what is almost impossible–she landed an agent within the first year of having finished writing her first novel. Not only did she land an agent, she landed superstar agent Chris Richman of Upstart Crow Literary, and subsequently scooped up a book contract with Candlewick.

She’s a stellar writer who knows how to query.

And I know she isn’t the only one in the auction. If you look through the list, I’m sure you will find the perfect fit!

I hope you had a great holiday!

Love to you all,


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  1. Bridget! What an incredibly sweet post! Huge virtual hugs coming your way!

    And if I may second the encouragement for folks to check out some of the soon-to-be published donators. They may be some of the hidden gems up for auction –> like the manuscript critique donated by fellow Upstart Cole Gibsen.


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