Full Moon Fever and the Ruiner of Birthday Fun Times

Sadly, I have turned into the Ruiner of Birthday Fun Times. I blame it on Full Moon Fever. Last  month during the full moon and on my birthday, I got the fever. It only lasted a day so wasn’t too atrocious. This time, on the full moon and Barrett’s birthday, it’s lasted for FOUR DAYS! Oy! It’s not too terrible today, around 100-ish, but I’m ready to move on.

I was trying to be all natural (my body gets enough drugs from the chemo docs) and “let the fever run its course” but last night I’d had it. It was Barrett’s b-day and there I was a shivering ball of misery and freezing cold-ness while my temp was edging up to 102. So I took some Tylenol. Holy cow, but it is a miracle drug! Suddenly, I was able to walk around without feeling the need to dodge under the covers for warmth. And could eat cupcakes (thanks Aunt Jane and Co.!) with the birthday boy.

Thanks to everyone who emailed or wished Barrett a happy birthday — it added a lot to my feeble feverish attempts at birthday jollyness.

I haven’t been able to keep up with the auction which is probably a good thing, because the items are so fabulous they tempt me and I know it is WRONG to bid on your own auction. I’m dying to read Sarah Prineas’s next Magic Thief book, but I’m going to have to wait until it comes out next year. You lucky folks can go bid on an advanced copy right now! And that is just one fabulous auction item. There’s so much more! The generosity of folks has been simply amazing and my friends who are putting this all together are seemingly tireless in their efforts to get it all organized.

And my super agent Michael, as well as donating a critique to the auction which I would highly recommend as he is a genius, wrote up the nicest plug for the auction ever on his blog which you can check out here. I’m so happy to be a member of the Upstart Crow Family.

Off to nap off the rest of the Full Moon Fever.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Love to you all,


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  1. Hi, Bridget, I’m new to your blog and I don’t know the details of your chemo illness, but I’m sincerely wishing all the swirls of stray magic your way to help you get well and stay well. Your smile’s too bright to be dimmed any time soon.

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