Friday Six May 16

1) How can I be coming down with a cold in May? Especially since I’ve never been so well vitamined in my entire life (I don’t want to move a bunch of vitamin bottles to Portland, so we’re taking them liberally).

2) Reading The Calder Game by Blue Balliett. It has a nice tone to it for a not quite clear thinking almost sick person. A little mystery but not too dark.

3) As opposed to the other books I’m reading which are all dark, dark, dark. Missing Girl by Norma Fox Mazer — I haven’t gotten past the first page that’s told from the perspective of a creepy stalking lurker guy, The Boy Who Dared by Susan Campbell Bartaletti which is a really well written novel about Nazi Germany but which I can only read in short doses because the Nazi Germany is so horrid, and Queste which I would think of as sort of light fluffy fantasy but which seems strangely scary today.

4) Speaking of dark books, when did the Penderwicks go dark? I thought surely the new Penderwicks would be just as light as light can be and in the first chapter someone is dying of cancer.

5) Maybe because I have a sort throat and all, and because I’m going to be purchasing one in the near future, but I’ve become obsessed with beds. Like this one. Who wouldn’t want to sleep on the same bed as the King of Sweden? Granted it’s like $60,000 BUT they have an economy model for only $4,000. It’s a steal! Of course, we only budgeted like $600 for a new bed. But the King of Sweden sleeps on one!!! It must be worth it. My second choice would to be to sleep on a snuggly sheep bed, like this one. Doesn’t a cozy wool sheep bed sound really nice?

6) Going to go have some ginger tea now. I’m counting on it to be the miracle cure.

Have a great weekend!


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