Easter Dim Sum

Barrett’s mom is in town and we went out for Easter Dim Sum at Fong Chong’s this morning (you can see her hands poised over her plate across the table):

Then we went to look at the blooms. The fruit trees have their Party Hair on:

And I have my new Party Hair:

Then we ended up at the Tao of Tea on Belmont for the first time which exceeded all of  my tea shop expectations. The Yunnan tea even came in a Yixing teapot (which I was briefly obsessed with earlier this year and why I should never be allowed to use the internet — one day I didn’t know I needed a Yixing teapot for my favorite tea and the next day it was a Must Have. I haven’t found my dream Yixing teapot yet, but it’s only a matter of time. And a few more internet searches).

Yixing teapot:

Yum. Delicious tea.

And I here is my new All Purpose Hair:

Happy Easter!



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  1. Love the new hair: pink, blue and all-purpose. Also love the teapot. Happy Easter, dearie. I think of you often.

  2. Love the hair Bridget! The every day hair is lovely, but the blue rocks! Wear the blue on funky days and days when you need some extra oomph! (And the teapot is lovely – I can see why you covet it). 🙂


  3. Oh oh Bridget, I think I need one of those tea pots also, beautiful. Your hairs are very nice also! Glad to hear that tea shop is good I’ve wanted to try it out. Happy Easter to you and yours. More get well prayers also.

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