Decisions, Decisions

It is SO difficult making decisions–you research, you sort, you try to make sense of things.

But I am to the point where, despite the inadvisability of going out into crowded public spaces with a compromised immune system, I’m tempted to march into a purveyor of women’s undergarments and say, “Please help me. I have ginormous bosom issues AND I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

Strap burn, constrictive bra band tourniquet-itis, digs, dings, and poppage. I’ve grown out of all of my current bras.

It isn’t my fault that I have enormous bosoms. It’s a combined genetics/western medicine drug issue.

If you are out there undergarment fairy, I need some advice!

I have more pressing issues to focus on. Like trying to cure cancer. The standard western medicine hoopla is beginning to outlive its usefulness and it’s time to pick up the hunt and begin wading through clinical trials and continue to weed through alternative and traditional medicine options. A person only has so many decision-making brain cells at their disposal.

Must find cute long-wearing jimmy jams, a supportive bra, AND a cure for cancer. Isn’t that too much for any one person really?

After doing all the very scientific measurements, sifting through advice, and styles, I decided to purchase a test bra online. It doesn’t exactly look like a rocket ship (you know, for boost).

Maybe Janet Jackson had the right idea. Or not.

Love to you all,


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  1. Try Bare Necessities ( They have a large selection of boooosomy bras for those of us who can no longer remember what a C cup was like. I’m now a 34J and can actually find comfortable bras on their site. Sometimes the bras are even cute -gasp-.

  2. Bridget, Bridget. I could not help but giggle. Bras. You can certainly tell a guy invented them, can’t you?

    As one who has long struggled with larger-than-normal girls, I can give you some easy advice. When you choose your next bra, choose the same band size (that’s the 30-something number) but try on several different cup sizes. The band should be very snug–that’s where the support comes from. The cups should be large enough for your girls to comfortably nest inside, like the doves in Song of Songs.

    Many women are in the D or DD category and don’t know it. Not that I’m suggesting I can tell your cup size long-distance. Just sayin’, it’s easy to continue to think you’re a B when you’re actually a C or D. Also, the cup size should enable the center of the bra to rest on your chest wall, not stick out to form a third boobie.

    Happy hunting!

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