Clouds on My Feet and Other Types of Cush

I have clouds on my feet. My new slippers surround each foot with thick, luxurious, magical cush. I put them on and, no matter how tired I’m feeling, I want to squish, squish, squish around the house in them. They don’t have backs on them so I can easily slip them on in the middle of the night and not miss out on any cloudy goodness on the way to the bathroom or sneaking downstairs for milk and cookies.

The only trouble with the backlessness is trying to keep them on when I cuddle up on the couch, but it’s a sacrifice that I think must be made for middle of the night slip-on ease.

They even have some serious tread on the bottom that looks up to all sorts of adventures.

Thanks, Aunt Jane!

Cush. Scrumptious and squashy. We all need some cush in our lives, but it is never more important than when you’re not feeling well which brings me to another tip in Bridget’s Guide to Surviving Life & All It’s Bizarreness When You Are Temporarily Health Challenged. I think we’re up to Tip #4.

Try to make your physical world as soft as possible. The physical world can seem like a particularly harsh place. Different effects from different drugs or disorders can make you painfully sensitive to harsh fabrics and hard surfaces. Trying to make the world around you comfortable can go a long way to overall well-being.

Clean, super soft sheets, silky pajamas, a nice pillowtop bed, clothes that don’t pinch or bind, chairs that support your back and offer padding, and, of course, cushy slippers can make a huge difference.

So if you’re a friend and looking for something to buy (I get e-mails asking for present suggestions for sick friends all of the time!) or are a temporarily ill person yourself, think soft.

I’ve been at an ouchy low for the past few weeks, so I’ve especially been appreciating the cush so many of you have brought into my life with soft jammies etc. I got about 24 hours or so of relief last weekend (via a suckage procedure that I will spare you the details of) and it was so fab–there was singing. But the beast is back and I’m all wimpery and incapacitated again.

There is a ray of light though! We’ve figured out the source of what ails me–a slow-moving insidious abdominal infection that can be treated with antibiotics.  We’ve suspended cancer treatment for the nonce to focus on this and HOPEFULLY there will be singing again soon.

Let’s plan on it.

Love to you all,


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