Cat-less Pajama-less (not as dirty as it sounds) Post with Links

I hope no one is too disappointed that there are no cats in pajamas in this post. I do what I can, but the cats don’t actually like to wear pajamas. They do like to sleep on top of pajamas which could come up some time in the near future.

What I do have for you today are lots of super fun links. Yes, links!

Over at Tarts’ Wardrobe, both Janet and I discuss our weekends going to see Twilight. I drove all of the way to Washington for a more holistic experience and was happy to see that Oregon made it into the movie. You have to either know the area or watch all the way until the end credits to find this out as Oregon is doing a lovely job playing Washington and you’d never know otherwise.

On the fabulous Lisa Nowak’s blog, I guest blogged about, you’ll never guess, technology! Yes, it’s almost like I am an expert or something (instead of just living with one). But I have apparently picked up a thing or two, so check it out if you haven’t already read my most recent technology post here.

The blog comment challenge is almost over. Last time I checked I was about halfway to the 100 goal mark. Can I make fifty more comments before Wednesday?

Also, on Kim Kasch’s blog she has gorgeous pics of one of my favorite parks in Portland — Laurelhurst Park. Great city park feel.

The National Book Awards were announced recently and I was so disappointed not to have read the young people’s literature book yet! What I Saw and How I Lied is still being processed at my library, but I’m near the top of the list when they finally put it through.

Currently, I’m reading Chains. It is not a light happy bouncy book like I tend to recommend, but I definitely get what all of the fuss is about.


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  1. Since my kids have no homework tonight, I’ve ignored them for about two hours now and have read a bunch of blogs and made 20 comments. So it can be done – but you don’t have to. (I’m also giving free comment time through the long weekend so people can catch up on their reading and commenting.)

    I’m took some pictures of those falls, but they didn’t come out as perfect as my memory of them.

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