Awesomeness and New Love

Many of you have commented on my last Happy Gift Receiving post by mentioning that Meg Cabot is awesome and I have to agree and also direct you to her blog post today which is entirely about cake. I know some of you have been reading this blog for a while and/or had lengthy conversations with me about cake and know the extent of my love. There is just nothing like it.

Now I have an admission: I haven’t had cake since probably when we got married which was a million years ago (or at least a whole season ago) and I was on heavy narcotics from having just had major surgery so it’s all a bit fuzzy except I’m pretty sure that the cake was brown and pink, that the wedding took place under a bridge and that we had a reception in our bed just like John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

That is a long time to go without cake and it isn’t as though I haven’t had things to celebrate. When you are sick a good chunk of the time, you find all sorts of reasons to celebrate. Got out of bed by myself? Yes! Cause for a party! Woke up without feeling like evil faeries have been poking me and pulling my hair? Bring on the good times! I just haven’t been celebrating with cake.

monkey cupcakeBecause I found a new love. Cupcakes. I know, they aren’t the same.  Not nearly as decadent or luxurious as cake. BUT you buy them in multiples so you can have more than one kind. AND if you pick bad ones, you can always steal someone else’s like when Barrett picked out some weird banana fudge monkey cupcakes which turned out to be the best ever when I had picked out boring vanilla chocolate and chocolate chocolate buttercreams.

I know cupcakes are trendy which means that the trend could pass and all of my favorite cupcakeries will turn into frosted donut shops or something, but I’m doing my best to keep them in business. My two favorites in Portland are Saint Cupcake and Cupcake Jones.  They do mail order too.

I’m pretty much recovered from chemo this week, except for the feeling like evil faeries have been beating me up in my sleep thing which isn’t actually on the list of chemo side effects and seems to be unique to me (why did I go and piss off the faeries?), and I’m using these good days to work on agent revisions.

Also, spending time cursing agent for making me work so hard and then cursing him for probably making me a better writer (the nerve) and for making me laugh with his funny asides even while I’m cursing him and then realizing that I will probably be thanking him later and should not e-mail curses until I’m quite sure he deserves them and also realizing I would probably work just as hard on the cursing e-mail anyway to make sure it had the proper effect as I would on actually changing the manuscript so I might as well just give in and work on the revisions.

I will most likely need to celebrate having worked on the manuscript with cupcakes by the end of the week. If I can figure out the day they have banana fudge monkey cupcakes I’ll be all set.

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  1. Cupcakes are a good thing. I have a process on how I eat them. Cut off most of cake part first. Eat. Then enjoy the inch of cake covered with icing.

  2. I need a good cupcake recipe. The ones I made with my grandduaghter were horrid (she was thrilled though). Glad to see you are feeling better. Let us know when you are ready for a veggie pizza…(probably when the weather cools a bit). We’ll make one and bring it to you.

  3. One of the things Amanda Silha and I always talk about is that time our book club went to Bluephies and you just got a piece of cake for dinner. Chocolate raspberry. Mmmmm.
    I was tricked this weekend by a cupcake that looked like it would be almond. It even had almond slices on the light brown frosting. But it was PEANUT. Bleh. So I ate a lemon one in addition to the fake almond one.

  4. If I make it up to Seattle I will definitely try Cupcake Royale!
    Jone, you are too sweet. Veggie pizza sounds awesome.
    Amanda, I think about that piece of cake too — so so so delicious. I think we should plan a recreation of the event!

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