Tip #5 Time Wasters (Guide to Being Temporarily Health Challenged)

When you’re being held hostage at a medical facility such as the ER or the Imaging waiting room, you have a few options. You can spend your time screaming and throwing things at the nurses (a course many patients choose to take) or you can entertain yourself with some hilarious online Time Wasters. Like enjoying […]

Happy St. Bridget’s Day, Site Launch, and a Gratuitous Photo of Cake

Happy St. Bridget’s Day!! Or Happy Day After St. Bridget’s Day, depending on when you observe the holiday. Yesterday we feasted on some St. Bridget’s Day sushi and tonight I think we’ll celebrate with a nice toasty fire. I also wanted to let you know about the launch of E.M. Kokie’s website, Barrett’s latest project. […]