All Hell Has Broken Loose (In a Good Way)

So we’re moving.

Which is super awesome and all sorts of great (goodbye barely a one-bedroom, Charlie Bucket leaky chimney and rat-sized holes in the basement!).

We’re also going to Phoenix on Sunday.

Which we just found out yesterday.


Friday is moving day and just as we get that last box settled on Sunday we jump on a plane. We’ve decided to try out the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (the Phoenix branch) which my acupuncturist at the Immunity Enhancement Program recommended and which sounds amazing. They have all cutting edge medical technology along with an emphasis on mind/body medicine and I’ve heard rumor there’s good food and possibly even pedicures.

I know.

What could be  more perfect?

Except, of course, our new storybook cuter-than-cute house with the window boxes and the writing room upstairs that even has a little napping nook off to the side for when I need a break and some inspiration.

I just want to pet all of the walls and say “Nice house,” for a month or so, so that it knows it’s in good hands.

But that will just have to wait until we get back.

Exciting stuff!

Love to you all,


p.s. If you want our new address please e-mail me or message me on Facebook.

p.p.s. And if you want to help us move, definitely e-mail me!

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  1. congratulations on the house! and that’s very exciting about new frontiers in phoenix. how long will you be there?

  2. We don’t know how long we’ll be there. Crazy, right? But they don’t know what sort of treatment I’ll be getting until they see me in person. So they only booked us one-way tickets. Eek! And then we don’t know how often we’ll be going back. If we’re still on the every other week cycle we could be in Pheonix A LOT.

  3. Hey, B– do you want me to come help you move on Thursday or on Friday? (I thought the day had changed to Friday, but now I can’t remember…)

  4. So exciting, Bridget!! Both the house and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. I’ve heard good things about that place and liked what I saw when I first saw them advertised on TV. I thought, wow, they are advertising integrative medicine approaches on TV.. in between all the big pharma commercials!
    I know you’ll find the balance you need. You’re on your way!
    Then you’ll come back to your cuter-than-cute home
    Love to you and Barrett!

  5. super cute house! always good to hear positive news…hope pheonix treats you very well! Send us your new address! good luck!

  6. Congratulations – and good luck in Arizona – ( I would have said “have fun” as there might be pedicures involved…but the phrase “Cancer Treatment Center” was right before that which implies some very un-pedicure-like treatments).

  7. That is the cutest house!!!! Now I feel better about where you are living. I am not sure about your last place. Maybe you could write about it in one of your stories.

  8. I *should* help you move, because you know I owe you one (or six) for all that moving help you gave me in Madison! Can you send me your address sometime instead?

  9. Happy moving day and safe travels! Here’s to window boxes, pedicures, napping nooks, and everything good in Phoenix!

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